What is Atmosphere Weather?

Atmosphere Weather is inspired by my aviation app, Wx24Pilot, an ‘at a glance’ weather app for the aviation industry. In presenting Wx24Pilot’s unique interface, I discovered that more than just pilots were interested in accessing weather data in my unique and innovative presentation. As a result, I removed the aviation jargon, made it even more user-friendly, got a cool logo, and out came Atmosphere Weather.

Well, there’s a little more to it than that.

Like many others out there, I wanted to see when blue skies were coming. Instead of partly cloudy and partly sunny, I rendered shades between grey and blue for a quicker and more accurate read. Rather than reading tabular data, I rendered the forecast around a 24-hour clock for a visual that goes along with the day, not the moment. Then, because I have kids and a have a little time to myself, I added the the ability to import events from my calendar.  Seeing my events overlaid on top of the weather forecast saves me time and keeps me in the know.

My last app is driveWeatherApp.com It shows you the enroute weather forecast for your trip.  Allows you to adjust your departure time and see the weather change.

Paxton Calvanese

1 Echo Charlie LLC