What is Atmosphere Weather?

Atmosphere Weather’s niche is providing best presentation of the weather forecast, measured by easy of use and its ability to elegantly communicate the large volume of information that comprises the weather forecast.

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The Story

Atmosphere Weather is based on my aviation weather app Wx24Pilot.  The problem with aviation weather was being able to process the volume of weather products available to pilots.  It took a too much time and effort to plan a 1,000 mile trip in a small aircraft.  Wx24Pilot takes a 15 minute process down to literally a few seconds and gave me a comprehensive view of the forecast for every step of the journey.  Atmosphere Weather uses the same presentation logic as I developed in Wx24Pilot.

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The Founder

Paxton Calvanese is the founder of Concept Elements LLC, a company comprised of a suite of the weather apps Wx24PilotDrive WeatherAtmosphere Weather and Cycle Weather coming soon.  His take is not providing more weather apps in an already overcrowded space, but to provide weather apps with a sophisticated presentation system that communicates weather better than anything else.

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