Atmosphere Weather’s niche is providing best presentation of the weather forecast. Measured by easy of use and its ability to elegantly communicate the large volume of information that comprises the weather forecast.

Most weather apps seem to do a brain dump with little thought given to the delivery of information or user’s ability to efficiently access the information.  Atmosphere Weather is different!  It is is a sophisticated visual presentation of the weather forecast that will leave you amazed at how easy it is to understand and retain the weather forecast.

The benefit is getting an easier, clearer, and a memorable presentation of the weather forecast giving you the ability to make better decisions about your plans.

Three key aspects of Atmosphere Weather :
1. Weather represented on a 24 hour clock – Intuitive.
2. Colored rendering of cloud cover, daily temps and winds – See Trends.
3. Integrate calendar events to track your events with the weather – Make Life Simpler!

Specifics and Trends

Specifics are often wrong, but trends are generally reliable.  For example, when the sky is clearing up Atmosphere Weather shows the change from gray to blue.  One can safely read that the sky will clear up during a certain time period.  But it is understandable to know that it might not be exactly when it is forecast but the knowing the trend is valuable and reliable information.

Daily temperatures highs and lows shown by themselves don’t tell the whole story.  Atmosphere Weather displays the time of the highs and lows with accompanying color indictors to fill in the details.   In a stable weather pattern the highs of the day are around 3 or 4 pm, but in a cooling cycle the high could be at 9:00 am.  This information is instantly understood with Atmosphere Weather.

The same is true for winds, the app uses color to indicate the wind speed.  Green is below 10 mph, then the color shows yellow to red for dangerous wind speeds.  Viewed over the day, with Atmosphere Weather, it is easy to see the trends of when and how quickly or slowly the high winds come and go.


Atmosphere Weather  presents chance, likely and definite with shades of grey to black.  Definite conditions are rendered with black icons, light grey is chance.  In the forecast, often “definite” is proceeded and finished by chance and likely.  Communicating the probability on the clock gives better intelligence as it is easy to plan around.  If an event is ending or beginning around a “chance” of rain that may be workable.  But doing the same with “definite” rain is another story.  We all understand the chance means anything, but definite is probably right.


Although other apps show probability, the visual nature of the clock interface communicates much more efficiently than a tabular and text views.  The more we have to process and think through interpreting the weather the less likely we are to even bother or retain that information.
People are already overloaded with stressful lives, too many tasks, and pressures from all around.  Having a simple interface that can be effortlessly understood opens up the ability for many (who otherwise wouldn’t take the time) to get valuable intelligence on something we all contend with.  If you can understand a clock, Atmosphere Weather presents the weather is such an easy way that no effort is required to know the forecast.

Area Context

Instead of just one location, the Map View shows the larger context – area weather.  There is validation in numbers.  If it is showing rain in 35 locations in a 30 mile radius we are much more likely to believe it.  On the other hand if only a third of those shows rain that tells a different story.  This information is valuable for planning and Atmosphere Weather does great job of giving users the tools to make better decisions.